The other day,an anime,KEMONOFRIENDS,finished.
nowadays,this anime has a lot of popularity. please let me explain some examples.

First,in niconico,so far the first episode has been watched four point seven million times.maybe
you may guess ''four point seven million? it seems normal as others .''.Looking for in YouTube,certainly we will see that many like this has exist. But,I think,It is really great that in only about two months that anime has viewed that times. The category of Anime in niconico doesn't have any have a record like this. the success is awesome.

Second, the live of broadcasting of episodes from the first to the eleventh had two point seven million comments of viewers.it is very unusual. in the category of Anime of comments, any live wont'be able to exceed this for years because the second of the ranking of the number of comments is one point
five million. the difference between the first and the second is really big.

In the beginning,the popularity of "KEMONOFRIENDS" didn't increase faster than all other animes of this season. this anime was often slandered in 2channel and niconico. There were even many peoples stopped watching the sequel after the first episode. now they must regret.But as times goes by, the influence has explosively increased. In SNS,you can see the interesting spread.there are some reasons to it.

First,In the serifs,there are many can be used in many informal situations.
for example in random order:すごーい!,つくったー!?,あなたは~ができるフレンズなんだね!,分かんないや!,わーい!たーのしー!,若干ゃ草,ジャンプ力ぅ・・・ですかねぇ・・・,夜行性だから!,タッケテー,あなた、なぁんにもできないのねぇ,フレンズの技だよ!,and so on.
such words rapidly began being seen in SNS since one day.I don't know why people did so. But I can see it's a great thing.

Second,as you know ,the scenario is perfect.there aren't so many like this. in the first episode, there are many foreshadows.
For example:tree climbing,jumping,a paper airplane,what kind of animals Kaban is,
a scream,a tree which SERVAL was on,talks between KABAN and SERVAL,a table,a carcass of a bus,a rule of JAPARI PARK,a map,a bus stop,a scene of birds,and so on.
many couldn't notice them at first.Staffs worked very well.they will be praised.

Next,please let me write down a impression of KEMONOFRIENDS.
I feel that in this anime there is a lot of TENDER.
everyone cooperates and smiles each other joyfully.
compared with the reality,the difference is interesting.even so I think this anime can have a lot of popularity.

this sentences was written for learning English and
presenting my thought.

I will be glad to show me errors about this writing.

Thanks for reading!